High Performance Marine Lubricants

SuperFix CARINA MULTI MX 40 / MX 50 SERIES Series is improved for advanced equipment protection and high system efficiency to add most appropriate value to your operations.


Low and medium speed  marine engines and cylinders marine diesel engine oils designed for lubrication with the latest technology that work with heavy fuels produced from the combination of high quality base oils and superior performance additive.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Keeps the engine clean by neutralizing acids residues resulting from high sulfur fuels and preventing sludge and deposit formation.
  • Allows the usage of heavy fuels thanks to high TBN.
  • Prevents from engine wear by providing superior protection with layer of film.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • Anti-foam additive content.
  • High oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Protects its chemical form in all conditions and provides excellent performance.


Medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines, burning residual fuel oils, which create conditions of very high oil stress. These conditions usually occur:

In newer engine designs, with flame rings, especially from Wartsila,

Where oil consumption is <0.5g/kWh

Where load factors are >90%

Where fuels with sulphur>3% are in use.


Technical Data Sheet

 Performance specifications

API: CD ve MIL-L-2104C; MTU Type IImeet the performance specifications.

Use For


200 Lt